Hi, we're Puelche HC

We want to have

We love challenges, and we always put People First.

We do that because we want to have a positive impact in all the lives that we touch

We want to deeply understand both candidates and companies. That way, we make matches that work out long term.

And we all get better results.

Why we're different

Because of our People Priority focus:

We don't want to convince candidates to take jobs that aren't a great match. We want to understand what deeply motivates them and what they value long term. That generates trust. And trust leads to better, more open conversations and better recruiting for you. 

We dig deep to understand the organization's culture in depth, to make the best match possible with the candidate.

We keep constantly in touch with candidates, and never leave them hanging. We know it's something important to them and we take that responsibility seriously.

We base everything we do on EMPATHY and KINDNESS. We believe in humanizing recruiting.

We always maintain 100% confidentiality.

We support equality and inclusion. We look for the best talent, period.

And our results speak for themselves:

Employees with more motivation and commitment.
Organizations with great results.
And a better society and planet.

Puelche HC is B Corp certified and Desafío 10X verified

That means that:

We donate 5% of our yearly hours to social and environmental impact organizations, to reduce poverty and boost equal opportunities. We play an active role in our community. 

We recycle and compost everything we can in our office.

We support job placement and employability by supporting local organizations that work towards this. 

We support workplace flexibility, we want work that integrates with the rest of our lives.

Meet the Team

Puelche: Viento del este que sopla CÁLIDO y FUERTE.

Como un equipo de mujeres fuertes, ambiciosas y que ponen siempre a las Personas Primero, este nombre nos representa bien.

We'd love to help you find the right person for your organization.

Founder and Executive Director

B Corp entrepreneur, Redmad member, G100 member and mentor, Desafío 10x and Fundación Kalén director.
Bachelor in Business Administration and M. Sc. Marketing from UAI. Experience leading sales and marketing teams in multinational companies and startups.  Proven results in talent search at medium and high levels, and strategic alliances with diverse companies. 
I'm the one who's always positive and high-energy. Mom of 3 lovely boys who spends afternoons taking them everywhere. 

Talent Acquisition Leader

20 years experience finding the best talent in Chile. 

Clinical and organizational psychologist, had closed over 1000 recruitment processes. 

She's the mom of 2 girls and also the designated Puelche team mom. 

Sales Leader Santiago

Attorney from U. de los Andes, more than 17 years experience in HR, compliance and non-profit organizations. 

Pepa is the soul of the party. She's always making us laugh with her quick wit and jokes. And keeps us up to date with the latest musical hits.

Mom of 3 kids, loves cooking, botanics, volleyball and hates spiders. 

Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development Consultant

Psychologist from U. Andres Bello, Master in clinical and organizational psychology. Experience in national and multinational companies and clinical psychology. 

She's thrives on helping people develop professionally and personally. 

She's a mom who deeply loves her southern roots.

Talent Assistant

I am a lawyer from the Catholic University of Chile. I love interacting with people, listening to them and learning from different experiences.

I am fascinated by the south, sports and I am an animal lover.

Recruitment Analyst and Organizational Development

Psychologist from U. Diego Portales, diploma in Crisis Intervention. Has worked in NGOs focused on child and teenager protection. 

She believes  in the power we all have to change society. 

Elisa loves photography, landscapes, rain and cats. Sureña de corazon, amante de la fotografía, los paisajes, la lluvia y los gatos.

Psychologist from U. Gabriela Mistral with experience in selection and organizational development in multinationals and consulting companies.  Experience in  psychological evaluations and is certified in competence/based interviewing. 

She's also a mom, yogui and firmly believes in people development.

Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development Consultant

Psychologist from U. Buenos Aires, originally from Bolivia. She strives to work for a more inclusive society.

I love to  travel and discover new cultures, outdoorsy activities and nature.

Let's Talk

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